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Virtual Employees to India / Pakistan
  • Hire a full-time virtual Employee to work exclusively for you;
  • Virtual Employee Service is provided on a month-to-month basis, giving you the flexibility you need;
  • Turn-key phone system with unlimited inbound and outbound calls
  • Our virtual employees interact seamlessly with you and work exclusively on your projects
  • Suitable for Project Management, Development, Business Process Outsourcing, etc Hire Now!
  • Choose your own support period - select the daily shift start time so that your virtual assistant works at a time that suits you;
Some Examples of Employees you can Outsource:

Business Process Outsourcing to India
Business process outsourcing or BPO in India has evolved from its early 'sweat-shop' image to the status of a strategic differentiator in the global marketplace. Business process outsourcing has changed the way the world does business.

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  • Services that we Offer:
  • Accounting Services
  • Data Management Services
  • Transcription Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Financial Services
  • Software Development
  • Digital Services
  • Research & Analysis
  • Creative Services
  • Web Analytics
  • Legal services

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