Why Us
  • Cost Savings
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Access to Skilled Labor
  • Control
  • Time Zone Coverage
What is the biggest Problem you see out in the industry
  1. High Turnover – or mysteriously employee disappears
  2. Employees/Companies Taking too Many Projects they can Handle
  3. You have hired someone but they are also working for someone else at the same time. And most of the time for multiple employers
  4. Dedicated programmers get shared
  5. Your vendors keep running billing clock but project does not progress
  6. Low balling you on the project and then suddenly project turns into heavy budget increases
  7. Finding the right people for your project, who have relevant experience and can provide a viable solution.
  8. How do you find the right people?
  9. Haggling – Suddenly project turns into a mess, even project costs and bug free support is costly
We help you with all the above to setup a seamless process for you.
Solution: Our Working Methodology

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